University of Weeengland Anarchist Collective celebrates Sussex Occupation


Today we break the embargo on news from the University of Weeengland. For three months the University Security Services (outsourced to Capital A by the Director of Business services) have tracked every tweet, blog and movement of UWAC, Today, the University of Weeengland Anarchist Collective, inspired by the occupiers at Sussex University, fight back. We do so in memory of Martial Bourdin, the great anarchist revolutionary. One hundred and and nineteen years ago today,  in a fit  of revolutionary ardor, Bourdin attacked time itself. On February the 15th  1894 he exploded on the Greenwich Mean Time line. He left fragments of his hand embedded in Greenwich Observatory, a reminder to all of the horrors which control over time does to every life.

In solidarity with our comrades whose occupation of Bramber House suspends times, we encourage all staff and students at the University of Weeengland to attack time: STEAL OR BREAK EVERY CLOCK YOU SEE TOMORROW. We reissue our manifesto of resistance and call to arms: 

  • destroy all clocks NOW;
  •  infect your  university registry system  with the Martial Bourdin virus, (freely downloadable at
  • superglue the keyboards of all University computers;
  • engage in random acts of joy, including transferring the credit balances of senior staff to poorly paid staff, smiling at passer’s by and participating in free acts of love whenever and where ever they occur;
  • unleash the pleasure of red paint onto works of art in the University art gallery ;
  •  enact the equality the system denies deny.

UWAC is back! We must fight the buccaneers, privateers, pirates and property developers who now own the University of Weeengland. Resistance is never futile.


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2 Responses to University of Weeengland Anarchist Collective celebrates Sussex Occupation

  1. jessmori says:

    better to die on your knees than live on your feet!

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