Welcome to Philosophy at Weeengland


Dear Student,

Welcome to the Philosophy Department at the University of Weeengland! You have chosen a leading Higher Education institutions in the United Kingdom. This Philosophy degree  prepares you for the good life. At Weeengland we know that the good life is not a life of reflection. Life is about living, about earning so that you can live, about contributing to a growing economy, about business. In fact Capital Academicians which supplies all services to Weeengland, is headed by Bill Huntingdon who completed an undergraduate degree in Philosophy 25 years ago. We want our graduates to model themselves on Bill. Our course is structured to develop these skills in you. What do we offer?

In year 1 there are four compulsory modules:

Business Ethics

Philosophy of Accounting

Knowledge Transfer in Action

Justifications for Political Authority.

All students must complete these modules. You can also select two from a number of other modules including:

Should I eat meat?

Humanitarian Warfare;

From Nietzsche to Superman; and

Logic and Epistemology: the Limits of Reason.

There are other  modules but our various courses on radical philosophy (Kant, Hegel, Marx, Adorno) have been suspended because they are unpopular and useless.

This year we do introduce a radical new module on the Philosophy Degree. You have the opportunity to complete a work placement with Capital Academicians. This module allows you to participate in the cleaning of toilets and windows; it teaches you how to invoice and order and  allows you to wash up in a modern University kitchen. This unique 20 credit experience of the new economy prepares you for life after graduation.

Your timetable is organised around your need to work. The contribution made by Philosophy students to the local economy is legendary. Our students work hard – in pubs, in clubs, in shops, in parks, and now at the University with Capital A – and play harder, spending their well-earned money where they earn it. You will have 6 lectures per week. We do not take registers – as a Philosopher you must take responsibility for your own actions. Experience has also taught us that compulsory seminars are counter productive. All lecturers are also downloadable at this web address: http://www.weeengland.ac.uk/philosophylecturesondemand.

Your work experience module is carefully monitored to make certain that arrive for work on time and that you can follow orders.

All students should prepare for this unique philosophy degree by reading Richard Branson‘s fantastic text: Screw It, Let’s Do it: Lessons in Life. The degree you have chosen answers the call of our Minister for Education David Willets to ‘…make stronger links between academic researchers and business.’ The philosophers who teach you have all (with two notable exceptions!) completed placements in business. Local business leaders have completed reciprocal placements as lecturers on our degrees. Most recently  local pig farmer Cranston Clipper contributed valuable lectures to the ‘Should I Eat Meat’ module.

We will see you in the first week of October. Welcome to the University of the Future!

Dr Alex Witherspoon,

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy


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