To all University of Weeengland Staff: Resignation of Head of Registry

(Sarah, would you check over the email copied in below, before sending it out to all staff on my behalf. It is most unfortunate but Jonathan has resigned…inevitable in the circumstances.)

To University of Weeengland Staff


It is with great regret that I announce the resignation of Jonathan Tyson, Head of Registry. Jonathan joined the University of Weeengland ten years go, as a junior admissions officer on the Registry team. After four years he was promoted to Senior Admissions Tutor, and after completing a number of training courses offered by the University he was promoted to Head of Registry. During his time here Jonathan served this University of the Future with great dedication. He oversaw the introduction of a computerised admissions system which, despite severe teething problems, revolutionised the recruitment process. Jonathan has asked me to pass on his thanks to all those staff who made his life at the University so pleasant. We regret his passing and wish him and his family all the best, whatever direction his life now takes.


Professor Woodley,

Vice Chancellor


Dear Vice Chancellor,

An excellent email in the circumstances sir, but I think you should avoid any reference to his passing (he has not died has he) and perhaps leave out ‘despite severe teething problems.’ If you have are happy for me to edit I will send it out first thing Monday morning. You have an emergency Academic Board meeting at 9.


Best, Sarah


Ok Sarah. Leave in reference to teething problems, but delete reference to his passing. Will catch up after AB at 9. Thanks, Prof Woodley.

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