Email trail: UCU ends Boycott of admissions at University of Weeengland

To all Admissions Tutors

The UCU has withdrawn its threat to boycott clearing and admissions. The organising committee recognises that a failure to recruit to the University contract for student numbers with HEFCE will result in job losses. We encourage all staff to return to their place of work. The UCU reserves the right to call further strikes unless management enters into immediate negotiations regarding the planned outsourcing of all services to private provider Capital Academicians.
The Coordinating Committee, UCU, University of Weeengland

Dear Idiots,

We never went on strike anyway. Next time consult properly. Your actions are as bad as those of management, unrepresentative and irrational.

Dave Hackney, Physics

Dear Dave,

Please desist from insulting other members of the University community. This is a disciplinary offence. For your information a number of us have boycotted recruitment.

Tomas Kucinski, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

Dear UCU,

It was not an insult. It was a description! Dave

Please stop filling my inbox with these stupid emails. Get out there and recruit. We need the students!, Pam, Literature and Languages

Yes Pam. Let’s get out there and recruit!! Next year this will be done by Capital Academicians and you will be redundant. UCU cowards have betrayed us. We should hit the University where it hurts, hard! Boycott recruitment I say.

Carole Moniker, Social Sciences

Dear Colleagues,
I respect the different views expressed in these emails. However, the UCU is right. If we do not recruit there will be no debate about the future shape of provision. Many staff will lose their jobs. The decision about Capital Academicians is not open to review. It was approved by the Academic Board, and welcomed by the Council. There was no dissent. We will consult with all staff about how best to shape this contract. Today let us stop this infighting. Phone lines are open. Students want to study at the best institution in England. Let’s fill up all remaining places.

Professor Woodley,

Vice Chancellor,
University of Weeengland

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