Research Excellence at the University of Weeengland



Dear University of Weeengland Researcher,
Your research is of the highest value to us. The next government evaluation of Higher Education research requires that we collate all ‘indicators of esteem’  from key researchers. Show the world how good you are!! Have you been a keynote speaker? Do you edit a journal? Do you advise government or private businesses? Are you an award winner? Have you delivered summer schools or Masterclasses? This evidence  demonstrates the rich diversity of our research environment. It will account for 15% of our submission:  it will bring in millions of pounds for the Faculty. It ensures our future survival.
How might you contribute in this quest to establish the University of Weeengland at the cutting edge of leading research?
First, update your esteem web page! Don’t be shy. Even the most banal fact might be a key indicator of your esteem;
Second, accept those invitations to deliver keynotes, edit journals, advise the media, consult business, work in partnership with government. Whether you help to design new traffic cones or deconstruct iambic pentameters we need to know. You are the public face of Weeengland;
Third, think of any information which demonstrates our fantastic research environment;
Fourth,  keep track of those statistics: how many people read your articles?, how many click on your web page?, how many reference your work because of your esteem? Esteem and Environment translate into cash!
 Included is a list of possible indicators of esteem, as well as ideal examples of esteem web pages. Please imitate these in designing your own esteem web space.  Provide dates, times, locations and web links which record and provide evidence for this indicator. When revising your web page, you will use the brand new, easy interface software provided by our partners Academic Futures Incorporated.
We do realise that this is a busy time of year. Many of you are finalising student places through clearing. Esteem is just as important. It attract student clients here in the first place. It increases research income. So, please prioritize. Leave it to us to maximise your impact using the latest google analytics technology.
Thank you, the Research Excellence Framework team.


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